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Intertop – Ukraine's leading retail chain, an omnichannel fashion company. Handy helps with bulk recruits.
・Candidate registration and data storage
・Scoring (candidate survey)
・Roles: Candidate, Store Director, Recruiter
・Appointment for a live interview (online/offline)
・Zoom integration
Intertop Goals
Speed up and automate the recruitment process and avoid massive offline interviews.
Huge losses across every recruitment stage, lack of competent candidates, cost-benefit imbalance.

Impossibility of conducting mass interviews during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Problem
The Challenge
One of the main challenges we faced was gaining applicants' trust, so they felt confident sharing information about themselves and their data in the chat.

Intertop became a case where we needed to remain user-centered, but also provide a huge amount of legislative information via messenger through the Assistant

We also faced the difficulty of implementing an Assistant among directors. This required overhauling long-standing mass hiring processes within the company, as well as training directors.
What We've Done
Handy reduced the application timeline, as well as interview process.

We put candidates at the centre of the Assistant development and Inertop's hiring process. Now, applicants choose their preferred store location, interview date and time, and whether the interview will be online or in person.
Сandidate Survey
Suitable Store Recommendation
Hiring and First Interview Automation
In the test version, the directors were given the opportunity to specify their availability for interviews, but we saw a conversion increase and the lack of directors slots for interviews, since they did not fill their work schedule.

As a result, it was necessary to limit the directors' control and adjust interview availability, allowing us to offer fixed time slots.

Finally, there was a significant increase in the conversion rate, compared to previous results when using Google Form to apply for a job in Intertop.
With the new chat bot-recruiter, we managed to simplify and speed up recruitment and sharply increase the conversion rate from candidate to employee.
– Valentina Hristenko, HDR
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